Managing online content

With Family Zone, your children won’t miss out on the online fun and learning that’s so much a part of their lives. They’ll simply be shielded from risks and potential harms.

Managing online content

Research suggests that one in three children aged 8 are exposed to pornography online due to accidental access via pop-ups and web searches. Intentional pornography consumption rapidly increases during adolescence, with a study finding that 87% of boys watched pornography either daily or weekly. The same study found that a quarter of girls watched pornography at the same frequency.

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Managing online content with your Family Zone account

How to see what your children have access to

Easily manage what your child can and can't see online.


How to block adult content

Prevent accidental exposure to online adult content.


How to review your child's YouTube access

Manage access to YouTube quickly and easily.


How to review your child's social media and gaming access

Manage access to social media and gaming apps.


How to add a website to your child's access

Easily allow access to websites that you approve of.


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How to protect personal devices with Family Zone

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